- What We Do -

World Parkinson’s Program aims to help Parkinson's patients in all parts of the world to get the best medical care. We have three main objectives including Education, Support and Advocacy. Among others, our current programs include:

Providing Free Parkinson's Medications

There are hundreds of thousands of Parkinson's patients around the world who are not able to afford their medications. Our aim is “No Parkinson's patient anywhere in the world should face a day of being unable to afford their medications.". We are currently running "SPONSOR TREATMENT OF ONE PARKINSON'S PATIENT" CAMPAIGN. We provide medications free of charge to those Parkinson's patients who are not able to afford them.

Sponsor Medications of a Parkinson’s Patient Afflicted with Poverty

Providing Free Brochures for Parkinson's

There are millions of Parkinson's patients globally who are suffering in silence due to lack of knowledge and resources available to them. Word Parkinson’s Program is the only organization in the world that is focused on improving the lives of Parkinson’s patients by empowering them with the knowledge they need in their own language, so they can fight Parkinson’s more effectively. World Parkinson's Program in its endeavor to spread Parkinson’s knowledge has developed various brochures in the most common global languages.

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Providing Free Education for Parkinson's

We conduct educational seminars about Parkinson's and the unmet needs of Parkinson's patients globally. We also provide free additional education material including handbooks and CDs in many languages to cater various communities in different parts of the world.

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We aim to provide walkers, canes, wheelchairs to Parkinson's patients with balance problems who are at risk of falling and cannot afford these assistive devices. Our Fall Prevention Campaign aims to prevent Parkinson’s sufferers from falling by educating them, and providing them with the necessary devices.

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