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Stay Active and Healthy with WPP

Whether you’re looking to join a live session or prefer to exercise on your own schedule, our free exercise and wellness classes are designed to support the Parkinson’s community in maintaining an active lifestyle. Choose the format that best suits your needs and let’s get moving together!

Join our Live Sessions

Engage in real-time with our expert instructors through live streaming. Feel part of a community as you work out together and get your questions answered on the spot. Our live classes are held weekly and are perfect for keeping you motivated.

Schedule: Every Saturday at 10:30 AM EST
Funded by the Government of Ontario

Pre-Recorded Exercise Videos

Exercise Anytime, Anywhere

Access our library of pre-recorded exercise videos whenever you want. These sessions are great for those who need flexibility due to varying schedules or prefer to go at their own pace. Our videos cover a range of exercises specifically tailored for people with Parkinson’s.

Free Exercise Classes

Regular exercise can help people with Parkinson’s significantly as it helps to improve walking ability, joint flexibility, constipation, sleep problems, and depression. Exercise can also lower the rate of bone loss. People with Parkinson’s that attend regular exercise classes develop and maintain social interactions that can help with their morale.

Exercise is also very helpful for those people with Parkinson’s that have coexisting metabolic syndrome or risk factors for high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease.

It is quite challenging to inspire patients to perform exercises on a regular basis and hence World Parkinson’s Program offers regular exercise classes for people with Parkinson’s free of cost. In addition, World Parkinson’s Program has also developed an exercise diary for Parkinson’s patients, and it is available free of charge.

Exercises such as walking, aerobics, swimming, using a rowing machine or a stationary bike, yoga, Tai chi, and resistance exercises involving specific muscles are very beneficial to people with Parkinson’s.