- Medication -

The World Parkinson’s Program provides free Parkinson’s medications, globally to those who cannot afford them. Our aim is to provide medications to every individual with Parkinson’s in need across the world. If you are a patient who is unable to afford your medication or a neurologist with patients in need, we are here to help you.
Currently, there is no cure for Parkinson’s disease. Fortunately, there are many different medications available that can help manage the symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. Access to medications can greatly improve the quality of life of someone with Parkinson’s. In addition, medications are associated with an increase in life expectancy from 5 years to more than 25 years.

Without adequate access to medications patients can experience an increase in symptoms, such as worsening tremors, increased rigidity, loss of balance, confusion, agitation, and difficulty communicating leading to a reduced quality of life.

There are thousands of people with Parkinson’s living in poverty across the world that are unable to afford medications. For them, it is a choice between a life saving treatment and food for their family. Without medications, soon they will be unable to work and support their family, pushing them further into poverty. The World Parkinson’s Program aims to support these people with free medications, allowing them to continue to work and support their family, friends and community.


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