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What kind of house should a Person with Parkinson’s be looking for? – Part 1

September 28, 2015 | Categories for this post are: Volume 7

As Parkinson’s disease advances, the symptoms of slowness of movements and balance problems become more prominent. Many seniors may not find it easy to maintain a large house especially after symptoms of Parkinson’s disease start to progress. It may be wise to think of downsizing to a small house. You should speak a realtor who has good knowledge of Parkinson’s. Not only location, but also layout, design and many other things matter when you make such an important decision. Only a real estate agent who knows how Parkinson’s may impact your life can give you best advice.The following suggestions may help you decide about your next move,

  -A small square footage which you can maintain easily may be better than a very large house,

-A large backyard or front yard may be difficult to maintain, so consider having a smaller area,

-If you and your spouse are the only two people living in the house, you may not need a very large driveway either, since shoveling snow may not be easy anymore,

-The house should be located in an area where public transportation is available because driving may become difficult as your condition progresses,

-A park or fitness club should be nearby so you may make regular visits to exercise,

-A spacious bathroom or washroom is advisable to give you enough space if you need to use a walker

-Having more windows keeps the house bright and decreases chances of getting disoriented,

-Blinds of a solid color are preferable to curtains with a detailed pattern or made of a cloth material, as moving curtains may generate illusions,

-If you have children or relatives in the same city, try buying a house closer to them, so that their help is available easily when required.

 Armand Gilks, Chair, World Parkinson’s Program,