- Our Current Projects -

// Our Current Projects AT WPP //

World Parkinson’s Program aims to help Parkinson's patients in all parts of the world to get the best medical care. We have three main objectives including, EDUCATION, SUPPORT and ADVOCACY. Among others, our current and future projects include,


By donating monthly, you can sponsor medications of one Parkinson's patient, who is not able to afford,


By donating monthly, you can sponsor providing a cane, walker or a wheelchair to one patient who is not able to afford,


By donating monthly, you can sponsor providing educational literature about Parkinson's disease, which helps patients to learn about how to effectively manage their disease


Neurologists, geriatricians, internists and other physician willing to provide medical care to those Parkinson's patients who are not able to afford consulting these professionals can contact us to start free Parkinson's clinic in their area.

Parkinson's Education Campaign

We conduct Parkinson's disease Education Campaigns about the unmet needs of Parkinson's patients in different continents, regions or countries around the world and provide Parkinson’s disease brochures, handbooks, CDs, and other educational material in various languages for different communities in various parts of the world free of charge.

Providing Free Parkinson's Medications- "SPONSOR TREATMENT OF A PARKINSON'S PATIENT" Affected with Poverty CAMPAIGN

There are hundreds of thousands of Parkinson's patients around the world who are not able to afford their medications. Our aim as stated by our founder Dr. Rana, is " "No Parkinson's patient anywhere in the world should face a day of being unable to afford their medications.". We are currently running " SPONSOR TREATMENT OF ONE PARKINSON'S PATIENT" CAMPAIGN. We provide medications free of charge to those Parkinson's patients who are not able to afford them.

Fall Prevention Campaign

We aim to distribute Walkers, Canes, Wheelchairs to Parkinson's patients with balance problems who are at risk of falling and can not afford these walking devices. Our Fall Prevention Campaign aims to prevent Parkinson’s sufferers from falling by educating them, and providing these supplies.

Free Parkinson's Clinics Project

We conduct FREE PARKINSON'S CLINICS for patients who can't afford to pay for the medical treatment including consulting a neurologist, buying medications, and other healthcare supplies or services. These clinics are conducted in all parts of the world to improve access of Parkinson's patients to medical care. We strongly encourage local neurologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and exercise trainers to join this initiative and volunteer some of their time or services to help Parkinson's patients and contact us so that these clinics can be arranged in their respective countries.

// Our Global Goals //

  • Establishing the Parkinson's Education Clubs in all major cities of the world, including in facilities such as retirement homes, nursing home, community centers, worship places etc.
  • Having a free Parkinson's clinic in every major city of world especially in the underdeveloped countries where patients are not able to afford seeking medical help
  • Developing a network of global Parkinson's Community around the world which can provide healthcare supplies such as medications, walkers, canes, wheelchairs, electronic tooth brushes, heating pads and other healthcare supplies free of charge to those patients who can't afford to purchase these necessary supplies.
  • Providing educational literature about various aspects of Parkinson's disease and related conditions in all major languages in various parts of the world free of charge.
  • Supporting all Parkinson's Associations and healthcare institutions in various parts of the world to improve the medical care patients with Parkinson's disease
  • Supporting all student clubs of World Parkinson's Program in various universities
  • Establishing a 24 /7 global service for instant answering of questions of patients from all parts of world via all possible means such as email, toll free phone service, social media,letters and any other modes of communication.
  • Supporting long term care homes to start Parkinson's Education Clubs and provide specialized supportive services for Parkinson's disease
  • Encouraging certification of allied caregivers of Parkinson's patients
  • Running our Global Parkinson's Petition

Becoming our Sponsor

You can become our sponsor by donating regularly on monthly basis and your business information will be listed on our website and distributed in our newsletter subscribed by thousands of individuals round the world.If you are a neurologist, physician or other healthcare worker or a professional and want to volunteer some of your time and service, please contact us.

Donating to Support our Services

Donate to support our various services for those affected with Parkinson’s. You can donate on-line by clicking the DONATE button in the upper right corner.


Get involved in life changing activities for Parkinson's patients affected with poverty in all
corners of the world. You can make a difference by helping even one person.

* If you are medical professional and provide services to Parkinson’s patients, contact us to be included in the World Parkinson's Directory at info@pdprogram.org.