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What are Parcopa and Madopar?

December 2, 2015 | Tags: > Categories for this post are: Educational Material

Parcopa is a preparation of levodopa/carbidopa that can be administered orally without water. Chewing the tablet increases the surface area and facilitates faster rates of uptake. Parcopa is also used to test a patient’s responsiveness to levodopa. This is done through patient evaluation following 24 hours of discontinued levodopa and then subsequent administration of Parcopa with re-evaluation after an hour.

Madopar (also known as Madopa or Prolopa) is a formulation of 100mg levodopa and 25mg benserazide. Although the majority of patients are indifferent, some patients respond more effectively to levodopa/carbidopa where as others to Madopar. Madopar can be used as an alternative to levodopa/carbidopa, however it is not available in the US and needs to be obtained from Canada.