- Meant to Be – Shane McPhee -

Photo by Ian Schneider. Unplash.com 

Life isn’t perfect …what we face every day, is not always as we planned…
Our beginnings could have started anywhere 
I’d guess that’s safe to say
Circumstances and life events 
have led us here today

Our roadmaps are rewritten
As corners become straight aways 
We share a route or head out alone
new tomorrows come into play 

It didn’t come all gift wrapped 
Though there’s an unwritten guarantee
This will still be our life, no matter what we do 
Cuz it was meant to be

I share these words and thoughts I’ve stored 
Based on what I’ve often heard 
It’s rooted from those who interpret a ‘life’ as what’s planned, 
to me, now that’s somewhat absurd

It’s often said that one’s life is ruined 
when illness settles in
I see a life that’s forced to change
far from ruined, yet preparing to begin

Set aside the “oh… why me?”
try to change what we think we can 
Save our spirit and inspiring ways 
for a future that’s round the bend. 

To exclude surprising thrills and untimed spills, 
It’s through those we may have to live
They don’t ruin life but construct one’s life … 
for a ‘ruined ’ life is one not lived 

What I’m trying to say here
Is ‘what’s to come’ has no guarantee 
for the ’now’ is ours to live fully 
leave ’still to come’
as it’s meant to be 

About the Writer

Hello, I’m Shane McPhee – a 63-year-old, married, father of 2 grown sons, living in Toronto, Ontario. In late 2011, at the age of 54, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. 

Since my diagnosis, I’ve remained physically active in group fitness programs, plus I have been involved in the Parkinson’s Community as a volunteer fundraiser.  I’m a former Board member with a local Parkinson’s related charity.

I have found a passion in writing, specifically telling stories, writing poems and sharing accounts of my life, while living with Parkinson’s. I write and share these so that others can see what I’m going through or have experienced and how I dealt with it or learned from it – For the record, I have no medical training nor authority to offer medical advice.

I hope you will find my writing of interest, informative and when possible, a little humorous.