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Frozen Shoulder and Parkinson’s:

September 28, 2015 | Categories for this post are: Volume 7

Some individuals may start feeling discomfort and even pain in one of their shoulders before the other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease become increasingly apparent. Decreased arm swing, stiffness and slowness of movement cause a limited range of motions of the shoulder, contributing to frozen shoulder. Frozen shoulder may develop before the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. This may lead to extensive investigations such as x-rays, ultrasounds and nerve conduction studies if other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease are not accompanied. These symptoms may respond to dopaminergic treatment. Other strategies which may be helpful to this problem include:

 Gentle range of motion exercises

Applying a heating pad or taking warm baths

Physiotherapist consultation

Optimizing dopaminergic treatment


Assessment by rheumatologist, if the symptoms are intractable.

Dr. Bashir Alenazi, Consultant Orthopedic Department, Prince Sultan Military Medical City. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia