- Where to Find HelP -

Parkinson’s patients not only need medications for the improvement of their symptoms, but also need educational material, consultation with the healthcare professionals, walkers, canes wheelchairs, electric tooth brushes as well as ongoing physical and emotional support.

WPPs mission is to improve the quality of life of Parkinson’s patients affected with poverty and lack of resources by providing them with the aforementioned support. Parkinson’s’patients in need of medications should contact their Neurologists who may request WPP to provide fee medication on their behalf.

WPPs educational material such as brochures and handbooks can be Downloaded directly from our website free of charge. WPP also provides printed brochures when and if needed.

Local Parkinson’s associations and healthcare professionals can also contact WPP for printed brochures, assistive devices such as walkers, canes, wheelchairs as well as electric tooth brushes for Parkinson’s patient. Healthcare professionals treating Parkinson's patients, and local Parkinson's associations interested to request multilingual educational brochures, handbooks, walkers, canes and Parkinson’s disease medications request the same by contacting us at: info@pdprogram.org

Please note that we are not able to entertain individual requests directly from Parkinson's patients or caregivers for Parkinson's medications.