- Parkinson’s Education Clubs -

World Parkinson's Program aims to establish Parkinson's Education Clubs in all major cities of each country around the world. Dealing with the impact of Parkinson's disease on day to day life can be overwhelming and distressful. With the help of Parkinson’s Education Clubs, patients and caregivers get a chance to share their life experiences and ways of coping with day-to-day difficulties with other individuals who may have a similar experience with Parkinson’s disease. World Parkinson’s Program aims to support Parkinson's Education Club Leaders by providing guidelines on how to start a Parkinson's Education Club, agenda of club meetings, posters for meeting announcement, announcing the meeting and their reports via media, arranging lectures about Parkinson's disease, providing educational brochures on various aspects of Parkinson’s disease and CDs in the local languages which can be utilized by the Parkinson's Education Club Leaders for educational purposes.

Starting a Parkinson’s Education Club in your community is a very simple and easy process. The Parkinson's educational club can be started by community volunteers, healthcare workers, healthcare institutions, or students around the world who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of Parkinson’s patients


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program.

Phone: +237676367608 | +237690407032 ngonyaambalmariejeanne@gmail.com


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, Club Leader: Sonia Motia.

Phone: +23677493660


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, Club Leader: HIH MBE HILAIRE ROGER

Phone: +242050335036


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, Club Leader: EUXODIE BAOBE

Phone: +24106466685 rogerjobel@gmail.com


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program,Dr. Ahmed Club

Phone: +240222560085

India ( BANGLORE )

Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, Sri Lakshminivas,
Apartment # 110, 15TH MAIN , 4T BLOCK , JAYANAGAR
Club Leader: Ramanath Tareker


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program,
Room 119, Privilege Centre, Shree Krishna Hospital., Karamsad., Anand, Gujarat, INDIA-388325.
Club Leader: Dr Soaham Dilip Desai, MBBS,MD(Internal Medicine), DM(Neurology)[AIIMS] Consultant Neurologist, Professor and Head Dept of Neurology , Pramukhswami Medical College.


Aging Research Center, Ce.S.I., University Foundation, Chieti-Pescara Behavioural Neurology and Movement Disorders Unit Via Luigi Polacchi, 11, 66100 Chieti, Italy Club Leader: Prof. Astrid Thomas, MD PhD


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, Al-Adan Hospital, Kuwait Club Leader: Mishal Abualmelh,BSc, MB, BS, MD, FRCPC. Head of Neurology Unit, Director and Head of Movement Disorder Clinic


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, 20 ENUGU RD P O BOX 1795 Onitsha, Anambra state ,NIGERIA
Club Leader: Cyprian Mezue, Executive Director CEEMEZ ORGANIZATION

Pakistan ( LAHORE, PUNJAB )

Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, Department of Neurology, Services Institute of Medical Sciences (S.I.M.S) Services Hospital Lahore (S.H.L), Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan.
Club Leader: Dr. Ahsan Numan


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, District Head Quarter Hospital (D.H.Q. Hospital)
Club Leader: Dr.Sikander Hayat


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program, 15 Zaryab Colony, Post Office Afghan Colony Peshawar City Pakistan
Club Leader: Dr.Muhammad Iqbal Butt


Romania region Hunedoara , city - Deva Bd Dacia bl 29 sc A ap 7 cod postal 3301016.
Club Leader: Raican Dan Stoian
Ph: 0040254 225678 Mobil: 0040745231153 Fax: 0040254211687


Parkinson’s Education Club, World Parkinson’s Program,
Mandaq General Hospital,Al baha city- Albaha 12345 SAUDI ARABIA
Club Leader: Abdul Majeed Al Zahrani, BSN
Phone: 0558870078

Function and Goals of Parkinson’s Education Clubs

HE MAJOR FUNCTION of each Parkinson's Education Club is arranging meetings of members of Parkinson's Community including patients and caregivers. THE MAIN GOAL OF Parkinson’s Education Clubs is to provide a platform for the Parkinson’s patients, caregivers and the community to share, discuss and find ways to educate the Parkinson's community and patients about Parkinson’s disease in local languages in their own environment.

Benefits of Parkinson’s Education Clubs

The potential benefits of Parkinson’s Education Club to the participants include

  • Mutual support from those with similar experience.
  • Opportunities to help others from one’s own personal experience with the disease.
  • Free educational brochures about Parkinson's disease in local languages.
  • Lectures with tips and strategies from healthcare professionals and caregivers
  • Learning about the course of the disease and future planning.
  • Ways of caring someone with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Chance to make a difference in the community.

Roles of Parkinson’s Education Club Leaders

The main roles of Parkinson’s Education Club leaders are

  • To arrange and facilitate Parkinson's Education Club meetings, discussions or other activities related to Parkinson's disease at least once a year in their community. These meetings can be informal, such as, a friendly get together in restaurants, schools, churches, temples, mosques, community centers, libraries or local parks with a focus on education, exercise or a presentation by an invited speaker on topics related to Parkinson’s disease. To involve the members of the community interested in sharing their knowledge and experiences related to Parkinson’s disease. To provide educational literature about Parkinson’s disease to patients, healthcare workers those interested in learning more about the disease.
  • To advocate for those affected with Parkinson's disease.
  • To work in cooperation with local Parkinson’s associations to organize educational or supportive programs.

Each Parkinson’s Education Club has the same goals. However, due to geographical and cultural diversity and individual limitations, each Parkinson's Education Club may function in ways which can best meet the above stated goals in their specific community.

Depending upon the size of the educational clubs, the Club Leader may choose to obtain the services of other volunteers and professionals to better serve the needs of the patients and community.

Each club is known by the NAME of city and NUMBER e.g. “Parkinson’s Education Club of New Delhi - 1"

The Club leader of each Parkinson's Educational Club is a volunteer individual who contacts the Central Executive Committee of the World Parkinson's Program expressing his/ her interest in starting a Parkinson's Education Club in his locality and is nominated by the central executive committee (CEC) of the World Parkinson's Program. The Parkinson's Education Club leaders continue functioning in that capacity as long as the Central Executive Committee satisfied with their roles.

The club leader of each Parkinson's Education Club works to facilitate the mission of World Parkinson's Program.

The club leader of each Parkinson's Education Club is able to use all educational material of the World Parkinson's Program, without any alteration, for educational purposes.

Volunteer individuals who would like to open an Parkinson's Education Club of World Parkinson's Program should contact the Central Executive Committee of World Parkinson's Program expressing their interest by email at info@pdprogram.org.

NOTICE: The Central Executive Committee of the World Parkinson's Program or its staff does not assume any responsibility for the consequences arising due to use of informational material, operation of local Parkinson's Education Clubs or any other individual working in collaboration with the World Parkinson’s Program.