- Join WPP -

Joining WPP can be a fantastic opportunity for your personal development as well as giving back to the community. People join us in different capacities and hence the time commitment varies depending on the role.

Yes, it requires some time commitment, so WHY DO IT? Here are few reasons why people join WPP:

Personal Growth

WPP team includes many professionals and we work as a TEAM. Working together has allowed volunteers as well as board members to grow personally and professionally as it warrants diplomacy and patience.

Feel Good

Main reason people join WPP is to make a difference in people’s lives. Being part of WPP means helping the neediest in the remotest areas of the world.

Improvement Opportunities

Working together with other volunteers and board member, there are plenty of opportunities to create organizational, marketing and fundraising strategies. In addition, joining WPP also allows participation in seminars, events, and speaking engagements. While you are doing this, you also have your fellow board members mentorship and support.

Meet Interesting People

Every WPP team member has one thing in common – they love networking. It provides them with an opportunity to attend events, meet other interesting people who empowered them to go to the next level.

Join WPP