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Individual Donors

Parkinson’s is a lifelong disabling neurological condition that not only impairs mobility, but also impacts daily chores. Parkinson’s patients need medications several times a day to move around and complete their daily activities such as changing clothes, brushing teeth and showering which may seem so simple to others. Parkinson’s also affects balance and may lead to falls causing fractures. Millions of Parkinson’s patients living in poverty around the world are neither able to afford their mediations, nor buy assistive devices such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, electric tooth brushes, etc. Most patients in the developing countries not only have issues finding Parkinson’s literature in their language, but also cannot get educational material or needed support. Due to lack of medications these patients become dependent upon others, bedridden, causing social isolation and depression.

You may make a meaningful impact in the life of someone who may be struggling with Parkinson’s by sponsoring the treatment of at least one patient.

Corporate sponsors

Our corporate sponsors strongly believe in giving back to the community. World Parkinson’s Program helps corporations carry out this social responsibility by engaging them in various corporate programs designed based on their own capacities. WPP welcomes corporate sponsors to join its valuable cause of making a difference in the lives of those struggling with Parkinson’s around the globe. It is only through their sponsorships and with their ongoing generous support, we are able to carry out our activities such as providing Parkinson's medications, walkers, canes, educational material in various languages and other supportive services to those Parkinson's patients affected with poverty globally.

Our Corporate sponsors of all sizes make a huge difference in Parkinson’s patient’s lives by donating monthly.

How to Become a WPP Sponsor?

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